You found your magical world!


About us

Alchymi is a fashion brand offering European market an introspective approach to clothing. You may ask what does it mean? Well, we believe that clothing is complete with a personality wearing it.


We founded Alchymi in Prague in the winter 2015. It was an enchanting season of grand changes that led to its existence! We named it keeping in mind the history we all are part of.


We love to think that incorporating magical elements and occasions in your life is important for whatever you do. And what we do is talk to each other. What we love is to play and mix.

In that environment, ideas keep flowing and capturing them at right moment with you as an endless inspiration is why we do what we do. On top of that, we kind of trust our designer’s open-minded and experienced eye.

Combining carefully selected pieces with materials is central to our work.


Up to the present day, you can find us in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

Company information: A good parenthood is the foundation. 

Alchymi is a brand under ZOOT a.s. with a registered office:

ZOOT a.s.

Zubatého 295/5, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha

Contact: Talk to us. We want to know your thoughts.